Isaac Raymond is a British fashion designer aged 17.

He started designing in 2010, at the young age of 12. He was inspired to start designing when he saw American pop artist Lady Gaga performing at the 2010 Video Music awards on TV. It was her outrageous and amazing fashion sense that grabbed Isaac.
One of his other inspirations was his cousin, Jodie Tucker. She won the Face of Brighton 2010, a local modelling competition. He is now working on his latest collection called "The Revolution of Bravery." The collection takes the viewer on a journey from darkness to light as the garments symbolise the overcoming of mentel health.

Isaac has been causing a stir in Fashion Circles in London. Josef Jammerbund, Head of Events at The British Fashion Council, who host the Internationally famous London Fashion Week, has said that "I think Isaac is displaying a great eye for detail and is able to compose well-fitting and wearable items. Some of the designs are reminiscent of classic fairy tale characters which he cleverly complements with origami silhouettes and Manga images. His expressiveness shines through a bold use of colour and textures as well as a touch of drama. I am intrigued to find out what he can come up with next!"

I am fuelled by intense dramatic themes and a wide variety of subjects such as art, science, psychology, nature and the contrast between good and evil throughout history. I design from the emotions that are provoked when I look at these subjects. When I design a collection I want it to resonate the emotions of the garments with the audience so that they are taken on a journey through my creative vision.

My greatest desire is to excite in my fashion style by never being boring!
I will always keep my garments as dramatic and elegant as possible that is the perfect hybrid for me and my designs.

I believe all women are beautiful and my work is designed to make them feel they have entered another dimension of grace, elegance and above all, another sphere of radical exciting show stopping innovation.